Frequently Asked Questions About the Barrie Inn

At the Barrie Inn we field many questions regarding dog healthcare, dog grooming, dog training, dog boarding and dog products just to name a few.

Please call us at 516-569-1555 or stop by our location at 910 Railroad Avenue Woodmere, NY 11598.

Q?Do you express anal glands?

Yes, we will express your dogs anal glands for a nominal fee. Although many dogs require expressing of the anal glands we do not express internally as your vet will do. We always recommend that if your dog has issues with his anal sack you see your Vet.

Q?My dog has very dry skin, What do you recommend for his coat?

There are a number of reasons why your vet may have dry skin. Seeking advise from your Vet is always your first step. Our Groomers use the highest Quality Dog shampoo  check out the ingredients at http://mauropetcare.com/ingredients/essential-elements-shampoo#more-530

Q?My dog has bad breath, what can I do?

Dental health is important for your pet. We highly recommend annual dental checkups. But, daily a good brushing will help reduce dental decay and sweeter breath. We offer teeth brushing but, once a month will not eliminate the decay or odor.  We also offer a product from Life’s abundance check out our link for more information.

Q?My dog doesn’t like other dogs?

If your dog is coming for grooming we will keep him separated from other dogs. Our staff is trained with working with all types of behavior. If we are informed ahead of time we will make every effort to have his experience at The Barrie Inn a good one.

If you are looking for Boarding and your dog does not pass our Dog Interview then he/she will not be admitted for overnight visits or days in our Daycare facility.

Q?My dog is not Neutered or Spayed can we board?

There are very few exceptions to us taking a non Neutered or Spayed dog. We reserve the right to refuse boarding or daycare.

Q?What if my dog gets sick while in your care?

Our well trained staff checks the dogs in our care for all signs of illness, scratches and abrasions. If we see an issue we reserve the right to take your Dog to a local vet for treatment. The Vet bill is the responsibility of our guest.

Q?What should I expect when my dog returns home from boarding?

Depending on how long your dog is with us, you can expect your pup to sleep maybe up to a week. Your pup gets a full day of activity while in our care. Imagine going on an active vacation and being tired when you get home. His vocals may be raspy from barking at his friends.