Raw Dog Food

Why should I feed a raw diet?

A raw diet provides a range of benefits that commercial dog diets can never hope to closely match. These benefits include:

  • Many allergies disappear
  • Naturally cleans teeth
  • Better weight control
  • Much less stools produced due to more complete digestion
  • Arthritis significantly reduced or disappeared in some dogs
  • Lower vet bills due to healthier dogs

Benefits of Raw Food Diet

People who have switched their dogs to a raw food diet from commercial dog foods are found the following:

  • Dogs who were previously unenergetic and sluggish gained energy and seemed like completely new dogs
  • Allergies dogs previously had disappeared
  • Skin conditions cleared up
  • No more doggy smell
  • Healthier weight was maintained
  • Dogs grow at a more normal rate; quick growth spurts are avoided
  • Dogs seem to live longer with fewer medical conditions

Why is commercial dog food not good for my dog?

  • A dogs food should never be cooked
  • Dogs should have access to raw meaty bones that clean their teeth, and exercise their neck and jaw muscles
  • Dog food typically has grain and cereals as their primary ingredient which often cause allergies and skin conditions
  • Often contain preservatives, additives and salt that a dog does not need to make the food taste better
  • Too many carbohydrates linked to over-eating, obesity, diabetes, and cancer.